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3 Best NFTs to Buy in September 2022


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NFTs have expanded in popularity over the last year. More and more collections are joining the market and celebs are venturing into NFTs too. NFTs are now mainstream. This post is all about the 3 Best NFTs to Buy this month. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

3 Best NFTs to Buy: SHILL Token (SHILL)


According to its website, Project SEED is a bunch of more than 50 entrepreneurs, designers, artists, and developers with considerable knowledge in art, design, and game development. The Project SEED international team is fused by a decisive emphasis on gaming and revolutionizing the gaming industry. The SHILL token is the utility token of Project SEED. The SEED is an AAA Game Studio creating a mobile-focused blockchain gaming environment that uses Multi Blockchain and incorporates Governance, GameFi, and NFT. The SHILL token can be used for in-game transactions, staking to obtain numerous advantages, and governance votes to decide the project expansion. In the last seven days, the SHILL token price has increased by almost +24.30%.

exchange comparison

3 Best NFTs to Buy: Battle World (BWO)